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Shower Oil from Magnolia Soap

Shower Oil from Magnolia Soap

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Looking for a plant-based way to pamper your skin? Then it's time to turn your attention to our shower oil. With its blend of nourishing oils like hemp, almond, and olive, this shower oil is expertly formulated to improve your skin's texture and appearance, leaving it soft, smooth and oh-so-healthy. And with the added bonus of a delicious Magnolia scent, this shower oil isn't just good for your skin – it's good for your senses, too! Plus, because it's plant-based and free of harsh chemicals, you can feel good about using it in the shower every day. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a hydrating, luxurious shower experience.

INFLUENCER SCENT: Be the envy of the party with this Dolce dupe called Influencer. It's a seductive fragrant that reflects the sensuality of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Sicilian cedar combines with the freshness of the green apple and the floral allure and spontaneity of the bluebell, the top note captures the essence of a sunny South Italian summer. 

BLISS SCENT: Full-bodied passionfruit and apricot embrace the heart-warming aromas of sparkling tea, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and patchouli for this boisterous blend we call Bliss!


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